12 Feng Shui Wallet Tips And Colours To Attract Wealth

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Everyone knows that feng shui has a strong correlation to wealth.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that explains our relationship with the universe and our surroundings. According to feng shui, strong energy lines connect humans, the universe, and Earth. As such, every little change in the environment affects your life. With good feng shui, your business will prosper, your health will be good and your love life will blossom! 

Each time you make a tiny change in your environment, you can attract a different sort of energy.

With the right items, you have the ability to attract positive energy that leads to better health, a better love life, and even more money.

If that last bit made your heart skip a beat, read along. This article will tell you everything about sprucing up your wallet to attract more wealth by using the invisible energy lines in the universe.


1. Feng Shui Colours/Elements Representation Chart


Black – Black is the colour of prosperity and career advancement opportunities because it’s the colour of the most fertile soil. As such, black is the top choice for your wallet colour.

Blue – Much like the blue water that’s always flowing, so will your money flow out of your wallet if you choose blue as your wallet colour.

Red – Red is another no-no colour for your wallet because it’s the colour of fire that burns everything it touches.

Brown – Brown represents the colour of the soil during winter months when seeds grow. As such, brown is a good choice if you want to increase your savings.

Pink – Pink is the colour of love and it has an idealistic immature dimension to it. Because pink stands for the opposite of pragmatism demanded by wealth, it’s not a good colour for your wallet.

Green – Green, the colour of renewal and growth, is a good wallet colour because it attracts new income opportunities.

Yellow – Yellow signifies the transition between seasons. That means a yellow wallet takes your money away as easily as it brings them. If you like yellow, choose a mustard yellow wallet to increase your savings or a pastel yellow for more luck.

Purple – Purple has strong energy to it. Although a dash of purple in your wealth area at home is a good idea, completely enclosing your money in a purple wallet is not.


2. Avoid Irregularly-Shaped Wallets

Feng shui claims that different shapes attract different types of energy. The Wealth Area is defined by pragmatism and planning, which means it’s represented by rectangular shapes.

You know what that means.

Get a rectangular-shaped wallet.


3. Don’t Fold Your Notes

Say to the Universe: “Send your energy here, my notes have a comfortable home in this wallet.”

Conversely, folding your notes sends the opposite message. And yes, it’s not wise to choose a foldable wallet either, although you can easily stack it into your jeans’ back pocket.

That leads us to…


4. Find A Worthy Place For Your Wallet


Wearing your wallet near your butt area doesn’t suggest respect for the wealth energy lines.

Imagine your wallet as the seed for wealth. Now you have to find the best soil for it.

And that soil is a nicely organized bag or a neatly decorated wealth area in your feng shui home. Again, it’s not the back pocket of your jeans.


5. Ensure That Your Wallet Is Neat

Clutter is another no-no in feng shui because it’s like a black hole for positive energy. A messy wallet sends this message into the Universe:

“My wallet is already jam-packed with stuff! Can’t you see I have no place for anything else?”

That means you have to declutter your wallet if you want the universe to send you more cash and opportunities. Here are some decluttering tips that might help you.


6. Never Place Your Wallet On The Floor

Some people who wear their wallets in their back pockets are in the habit of placing their wallets on the bathroom floor when they visit the loo while the universe gently face-palms itself.

Placing your wallet on the floor is like telling the universe that for your wealth is unimportant and you can easily sweep away.

Come on, it just takes seconds to put your wallet on a table while you’re in the bathroom.


7. Buy A New Wallet

Old wallets store the previous owner’s energy, and that sends confusing signals to the universe.

Get a new wallet for better luck. You want the wealth to go to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it’s never been used before.


8. Add Some Lucky Symbols


Lucky symbols bring lucky energy to your wealth area, such as more opportunities and more savings.

The three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon are a classic example of a lucky wealth symbol. Plus, they’re easy to find in any thrift shop.

If you’re looking for keychains or small ornaments that may bring luck, consider visiting Chinatown in Singapore. Items are cheap and of a great variety there. Here’s how you can get there.


9. Keep Your Wallet Organised

We already explained why you should declutter your wallet. Now you also have to organise it.

Even if you don’t have a lot of stuff in your wallet, make sure that everything has its own compartment.

That way, the universe understands you can be trusted with planning and strategising your finances. Good financial planning is definitely an advantage. When you need money urgently, you can consider getting a customized personal loan to help.


10. Leave Some Credit Cards At Home

While most credit card designs look stylish and cool, they actually symbolize debt and financial loss. A lot of people get into trouble with credit card debt and take on credit card loans to help clear the debt.

According to feng shui, places with a lot of debt can’t reflect the energy lines that bring more wealth because debt sucks in that wealth.

Here’s how you show the Universe it can send more gains into your wallet:

Leave some credit cards at home and only take one or two you need.


11. Change Your Worn-Out Wallet

Wealth energy is attracted by clean, neat, and tidy objects. That’s why the universe won’t send prosperity and innovative business opportunities into your raggedy wallet.

Show the universe your status by upgrading your wallet, aka your status symbol.

Again, you don’t have to purchase an expensive, new wallet. It just has to look neat.


12. Use Wealth Crystals

Crystals are frequently used in feng shui because they attract different sorts of energies.

That’s why you need some wealth crystals in your wallet.

Don’t cram a lot in there, though. Use a few by rotation depending on your purposes. For instance, you can add a few citrine crystals if you need more income opportunities or Malachite if you want to increase your savings.


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