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Whether you need more room for your growing family or simply don’t like the look or feel of your home, renovating your home is a great option to get exactly what you need out of your current home. However, anyone who’s ever had to renovate their home will tell you that though exciting, it isn’t an easy process. The costs of renovating can be quite high.

You don’t have to drain your savings getting your home in the right shape. A renovation loan Singapore from BST Credit can help to tide you over.

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What Is A Renovation Loan?

Renovation loans are loans that are used to cover the expenses of remodeling an existing home. These loans cover a variety of home remodeling projects ranging from painting and decorating a single room to rewiring the entire home.

BST Credit offers loan packages at low interest rates to ensure that you can achieve your dream without hurting your finances.

Our renovation loan Singapore is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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We Cover All Your Renovation Needs

Remodeling a home can be exciting. However, when faced with the actual costs of the project, many home owners begin to falter. Don’t give up on your dream of the perfect home. Our loan covers all types of remodeling projects for all types of homes. This includes painting, flooring, tiling, building cabinets, fitting bathroom fixtures and much more. We’ll cover you whether your home is completed or still under construction.

Low Interest Rates
We put the needs of our customers first. We’re all about helping our customers achieve their financial and personal goals. We provide loans with low interest rates and flexible terms. Our renovation loan is designed to give you peace of mind as you explore different options and design your new home.

High Loan Limits
We know just how unpredictable renovation projects can be. We offer our clients high financing limits to ensure that they can complete their renovation projects with no problems. The sky is the limit when you choose us to finance your project.

Renovation Loan vs Personal Loan

Why not simply take a personal loan and use it for renovation? Isn’t a personal loan a general purpose loan? Won’t it suffice for renovation projects too?

While applying for a personal loan for your renovation project may seem like the easy option, it may not be the best thing to do for several reasons:

> The interest rates on personal loans are much higher than those for renovation loans. You would therefore end up spending much more on repaying the loan than you would if you had borrowed the same amount under a renovation loan.
> The processing fees for personal loans are also much higher than those for renovation loans. The processing fee is charged at a percentage of the total sum of the loan. We offer a competitive percentage on processing fees for loans.
> We offer additional perks with a renovation loan that you wouldn’t be able to access with a personal loan. These include complimentary cashier orders and discounted processing fees.

Benefits Of A Renovation Loan Singapore

There are various benefits of taking a renovation loan today:

> These loans have a high limit. You can borrow up to 6 times your monthly income or up to $30,000. This depends on which is lower.
> We offer loan tenures starting from 1 year to as long as 5 years. This gives you ample time to plan and implement your renovation as well as repay the loan comfortably.
> We offer you great flexibility with renovation loans. You don’t have to apply for a home loan to qualify. You can apply for the renovation loan separately from your home loan.
> You can apply for a joint loan. Joint applicants must be immediate family members. This could be a spouse, parent or sibling.

Eligibility For The Renovation Loan & Application Process

You can apply for a renovation loan if:

> You’re a Singaporean national or a permanent resident of Singapore.
> You are above the age of 21.
> You earn at least $24,000 per year. If making a joint application, the income of all applicants will be considered as a whole.

We’ve got rid of all the red tape to make the application process simple for our customers. There are no hoops or special requirements to get your loan approved. Simply use one of the application options below.

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